Data Response

POSTing to the data endpoint will always return a response object containing a array of objects, one for each job the data was sent to. Each of those objects contain the jobId and either a summary of the uploaded data (number of records etc) or an error message.

The general form of the response is:

    "responses" : [
        "jobId" : "job-1",
        "uploadSummary" : {
            "processedRecordCount" : 300,
            "processedFieldCount" : 900,
            "inputRecordCount" : 300,
            "inputBytes" : 60538,
            "inputFieldCount" : 900,
            "invalidDateCount" : 0,
            "missingFieldCount" : 0,
            "outOfOrderTimeStampCount" : 0,
            "failedTransformCount" : 0,
            "latestRecordTimeStamp" : "2015-06-30T23:59:56.000+0000"
        "jobId" : "job-2",
        "error" : {
            "message" : "No known job with id 'job-2'",
            "errorCode" : 20101

The nested uploadSummary object contains counts of the number of records, fields and bytes processed and other informative details. The returned counts are the same as the fields in the job’s Record Counts except that the job’s counts are the running totals accumulated over multiple uploads whereas these counts relate only to the preceding upload.

For example`inputRecordCount` is the number of records uploaded in the that batch, processedRecordCount is the number processed by the Engine API after those records with unparsable dates and/or missing fields have been discarded and latestRecordTimeStamp is the timestamp of the chronologically latest record in the data.

If the upload fails the response will contain a error object as described in the Error Codes documentation.