Resume Job - POST /jobs/<jobId>/resume

A PAUSED job must be resumed in order for it to start analyzing input data again.

When resumed, time will be taken from the first input data after the resume. Any gaps will be treated as downtime.

When a job is paused, model updates will cease at the end of the bucket following the request to pause. When resumed, model updates will start at next whole bucket in the input data. If the pause or resume requests are received mid-bucket, the partial buckets are ignored. Any gaps in data between the pause and resume will be treated as planned downtime and ignored.


Only jobs with a PAUSED state can be resumed.


curl -X POST 'http://localhost:8080/engine/v2/jobs/my_job/resume'


The HTTP 200 status code if successful.


See the Error Codes documentation for the full list of errors that may be returned by the API.