Influencer Resource

An instance of an influencer in the API is defined by the properties listed below.


Influencers are produced in buckets this is the bucket’s start time. timestamp is a ISO 8601 format string e.g. 2015-12-22T06:00:00Z.

Type: Date


This is an anomaly score for the influencer in this bucket time interval. The score is calculated based upon a sophisticated aggregation of the anomalies in the bucket for this entity.

Type: Number


The probability of the influencer having this behavior.

This is in the range 0 to 1. For example, 0.03 means 3%. This value is held to a high precision of over 300 decimal places. In scientific notation, a value of 3.24E-300 is highly unlikely and therefore highly anomalous.

Type: Number


The entity that influenced, or contributed to, or was to “blame” for, the anomaly. For example, Bob or

Type: String


Defines the type of influencer. For example, user or clientip.

Type: String


If set to true then this results is interim i.e. calculated based on partial input data. For results that are not interim, this property may be false or may not be present.

Type: Boolean


The influencer resource format may change in the next major Engine API release.