URI Quick Reference

All URL endpoints will have the following base:


where the value of <prelert-server> and the default port <8080> should be tailored to your installation. Note the base URL includes the API version - v2 in this case.

The main resources can each be accessed with a variety of endpoints:

  • /jobs/ : Create and manage analytic jobs.
  • /data/ : Upload data to be analyzed.
  • /results/ : Access the results of an analytic job.
  • /alerts/ : Alert when a job detects big anomalies.
  • /logs/ : View log files to gain extra insights in to the running processes.
  • /support/ : Create and download support bundle for troubleshooting.
  • /validate/ : Validate sub-sections of configurations.
  • /schedulers/ : Start and stop the Elasticsearch Schedulers.
  • /modelsnapshots/ : Manage model snapshots.