Release Notes

2.1 is currently in beta.

Behavioral Analytics 2.1 / Engine API 2.1.2 (beta 2)

Released 13 Oct 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed explorer dashboard timeline zoom
  • Fixed “time format could not be guessed” when creating a new scheduled job getting data from Elasticsearch 5.0
  • Avoid the risk of getting duplicate data in real-time scheduled jobs when input is sparse
  • Assume gaps in input data are anomalies rather than data feed problems in real-time scheduled jobs
  • When starting the scheduler in the UI the end time now defaults to the current time rather than continuous real-time operation
  • Scheduler data source dropdown now defaults to “Elasticsearch 2.x, 5.0”

Behavioral Analytics 2.1 / Engine API 2.1.1 (beta 1)

Released 22 Sep 2016

Breaking Changes

New Features

  • Ability to run with multiple distributed job nodes


  • Upgrading to Elasticsearch 2.4 data store and Kibana 4.6 Management Console
  • Added categorization filters

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to ensure no loss of data when Scheduler is stopped by end-user; processing now continues to the end of the current millisec.

Behavioral Analytics 1.0 / Engine API 2.0.11

Released 7 Jul 2016


  • Scheduler now uses field-stats to select best indices; Elasticsearch 2.2+ only

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for model debug reporting invalid results
  • Fix for high-mean/median and max returning low-sided anomalies; seen where bucket value is negative
  • Fix for aging of clustering sketch data

Behavioral Analytics 1.0 / Engine API 2.0.10

Released 22 Jun 2016


  • Improved count for sparse data

Bug Fixes

  • Shutdown script should wait longer for the API to stop gracefully
  • Fix for handling long bucket spans (1d) where number of seasonal component regressions are few
  • Model debug no longer reports counts less than zero
  • Model debug no longer reports erroneously high debug mean

Behavioral Analytics 1.0 / Engine API 2.0.9

Released 13 May 2016

Major Features

  • Management Console - Using the power of Kibana, create and manage your analysis jobs and investigate and explore the results.
  • Elasticsearch Scheduler - Select Elasticsearch input data for near real-time analysis. See Schedulers Endpoint.
  • Model snapshots - Ability to restore to a previous “known good” model state, enabling rapid recovery after significant one-off events e.g. Black Friday, data load errors. See Model Snapshots Endpoint.
  • Multivariate analysis - A significant enhancement to our core analytics to automatically detect correlated series. Requires configuration per job.
  • Out-of-phase bucket analysis – Improved precision in detection of anomalies that occur across a bucket boundary. Requires configuration per job.

Minor Features

  • Maintenance windows - Ability to define periods of maintenance during which the analytics can be paused and resumed.
  • Results retention policy – Older results are automatically aged out for easier operational management. This is set per job using the configuration option resultsRetentionDays.
  • Update job properties - A limited number of job config properties can now be updated.
  • Validate detector - New endpoint for validating detector configuration.

Breaking Changes

  • Significant changes to results mappings in Elasticsearch, therefore any direct access to 1.x results in Elasticsearch will no longer work.

  • Significant changes to model state, therefore model state cannot be upgraded and jobs must be restarted from fresh.

  • API base url now changed to reflect version 2 of Engine API:

  • Endpoint URLs returned as part of the job resource are now stored in a nested JSON object:

      "hitCount" : 1,
      "skip" : 0,
      "take" : 100,
      "nextPage" : null,
      "previousPage" : null,
      "documents" : [ {
        "location" : "http://localhost:8080/engine/v2/jobs/cloudwatch",
        "status" : "CLOSED",
        "timeout" : 600,
        "id" : "cloudwatch",
        "endpoints" : {
          "data" : "http://localhost:8080/engine/v2/data/cloudwatch",
          "alertsLongPoll" : "http://localhost:8080/engine/v2/alerts_longpoll/cloudwatch",
          "records" : "http://localhost:8080/engine/v2/results/cloudwatch/records",
          "buckets" : "http://localhost:8080/engine/v2/results/cloudwatch/buckets",
          "categoryDefinitions" : "http://localhost:8080/engine/v2/results/cloudwatch/categorydefinitions",
          "logs" : "http://localhost:8080/engine/v2/logs/cloudwatch"
  • No longer able to create a job by cloning the referenceId

Engine API 1.x

Prior release notes are available for version 1.5.