The lowercase command simply converts the input field into lower case. This is useful when a field contains values that are inconsistent with regard to the letter case although they should be considered as the same values. Note that the conversion will respect the language defined by the system locale.

  • single input
  • single output
  • default output fieldname: “lowercase”
  • no arguments


Convert user names to lower case.

        "transform" : "lowercase",
        "inputs" : ["user"],
        "outputs" : ["user_lowercase"]

In this example the following input data

time,                 user
2015-03-01 01:00:00Z, foo
2015-03-01 02:00:00Z, FOO
2015-03-01 03:00:00Z, bar
2015-03-01 04:00:00Z, baR

would transform to look like this

time,                 user, user_lowercase
2015-03-01 01:00:00Z, foo,  foo
2015-03-01 02:00:00Z, FOO,  foo
2015-03-01 03:00:00Z, bar,  bar
2015-03-01 04:00:00Z, baR,  bar